Best Social Media Management Tools for 2018

Social media management is just one aspect of good SEO practices and reputation management. But if you’ve ever spent time on social media, you understand how time-intensive it can be.


You’ll need to not only create great content, but you’ll want to search online for great content that can be shared with your audience. And while Facebook Pages now allows you to pre-schedule posts, it can still be a challenge to manage your social media tasks.


One of the best ways to manage your social media is through online software and tools. These tools can be designed to fit the needs of small or large businesses. It’s best to choose one that suits the smaller or medium sized business if you’re focussing on local SEO.


Some tools are free to start, then you can sign up for a subscription-based plan to focus on your business’s specific needs.


These sites or apps allow you to type in your posts, and add text, photos, audio, or video content. You can then schedule them as far in advance as you wish. Obviously, with tech changing so rapidly today, you may not want to go farther than 3 months as your content may be out of date by the time it posts!


Another great aspect to using tools, besides the scheduling function, is that you can repeat posts. As most business owners know, Facebook has changed the algorithm so that users will be seeing more personal posts and less ads. So, it’s perfectly acceptable if you want to repeat certain posts at a later date and recycle content, as chances are that most of your audience hasn’t seen it yet. And it’s good content they’re already seen, they may not mind seeing it again.


So, just how do you choose the best social media marketing tool? There are a lot of options.


Social Media Management Tools

Buffer is widely becoming popular and offers a basic free plan. It may help assist people who know nothing about social media management to get started.



Social Marketing by is the best tool for small and medium businesses. What I like the most in this software is the feature to gather leads based on geo targeted keywords. With this tool you also get a stream of relevant content so you don’t have to waste time hunting for things to share. It’s only $45 per month for all those great features. (Author Note: This is what I am using to manage all our social media accounts.)


Hootsuite is a fairly simply marketing tool, but its free version is limited. You’ll only be able to promote 3 channels at a time.


Sprout Social has no free version and is $99 per month. It’s perfect for larger businesses that have a good budget set in place for social media marketing.


EveryPost is more affordable at $10 per month and up. It’s also quite simple to use.


Once you begin your online search, you’ll find dozens more that have good reviews. Each social media management tool will enable you to focus on good local SEO.


If you love the idea of using a social media management tool to look after your business’s marketing needs, but have little time to implement it, consider working with a social media management company who can assist in providing quality content that engages your audience.


Good SEO begins with a website and a local business directory listing. If you want to find out more, please contact Charvel Rebagay today. We can assist you in the effective managing of your social media tools so that your business improves its rankings and its profits.



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