How Reputation Management Should Be a Focus for Your Business



The reputation of a business can be positive, negative, or a combination of both. The more your business grows in the online marketplace, the greater the concern. With the internet just a fingertip away from most potential customers, you need to be aware of your own business’s online reputation. Is it good? It is fair? Or, is it bad?


Business reputation is based on the beliefs and opinions of not just your current customers, but past customers, and potentially new ones too. It’s basically a widespread belief about your business.


Some businesses can have a dual reputation. For instance, Coca-Cola. They have a reputation for leading a fun, active life, but also has one of sugar and getting fat.


Just how can you stay on top of your reputation and make it work for your business?


There are two points to the online reputation management of your business.


1. You’ll need to create an online presence.
2. You’ll need to direct people to it.

There are a variety of different ways to create an online presence. It can begin with a website, an app, or an online shop. You can then create and share posts to the different social media channels. You can also leverage certain listing sites, such as Local City Finder, or other third-party sites. And you can send press releases to publishers to direct traffic your way.


As for helping people find your business, this can be trickier and is likely where most of your time will be focused. The number one way people find a business is with a Google, Chrome, or other browser search. They might also search in Facebook, Pinterest, or one of the other social media sites that enables searching of public posts.


When a customer does a search they’re then presented with a page of results. It’s estimated that fewer than 10% of people will go past that first page, and if they do, only 1% will get past that page two.


Either your potential customer has found what they wanted from that first page, or they give up, as the results are inaccurate.


Another way to find a business is to search the popular online review sites, Google and Yelp being some of them.


As you can see, it takes more than a beautiful website to direct traffic your way. Reputation management plays an integral role in helping people to find your business.


You’ll need to find techniques that can boost you up to the top of the search results. If there are any inaccurate or bad reviews, you’ll need to push them down. Most of the time they are impossible to remove, particularly if they were a valid complaint from a valid transaction.


If you can boost a positive reputation on the net, the other misleading results will get pushed down to pages that no one is ever going to check.


Positive reputation management needs to play a strong role in your business. If you need more information, I invite you to contact me, Charvel Rebagay, and find out you can leverage LocalCityFinder’s Reputation Management Solution to improve your online reputation and local SEO rankings.


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