Social WiFi Marketing

Offer FREE WiFi to customers, collect customer information, send promotions, and increase customer loyalty.

Plug and play social wifi marketing.  No technical knowledge required.

Transform Free WiFi into ROI

Social Wi-Fi Marketing allows you to monetize free Wi-Fi services by creating a ‘Free Wi-Fi with Social Connect’ experience which allows your business to capture valuable customer social and engagement data for marketing and socially connecting with them.


Our social Wi-Fi SaaS (software as a service) allows you to turn your free Wi-Fi into a social-powered lead generation and customer engagement system for your business.


With powerful features such as social login options, real time analytics, email marketing integrations and a multi-lingual platform, you can create campaigns so you can engage and re-market to your customers on auto-pilot.

Fully Featured Social Wi-Fi Platform for Marketing


How Does It Work?

Social WiFi Hotspots Uses Proprietary Hotspot Software That Quickly & Easily Integrates Into Your Existing Network.


User Experience

Local City Finder Social WiFi Hotspots Are The Easiest And Safest Way To Share Your Wi-Fi Network With On-Site Customers Inside Your Business.



Customer connects to your Free Wi-Fi connection on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Customer connects to a free Wi-Fi connection using their favorite social media account, email or phone number.



Customer is encouraged to share on Social Media, ‘Like’ the business’ Facebook Page, leave a review or enter a contest.



Automatically send custom notifications and view real-time data to understand your customers.

Who Is This For?

From Small Coffee Shops To Giant Outdoor Concert Festivals, Any Business Or Community

Can Benefit From Social Powered Hotspots. No Space Is Too Big, Or Too Small!


Grow Your Database

Automatically capture guest contact and social information.

 Full Name


Phone Number
 Age & Birthday
 Device type & MAC Address

 … and more!


Real-Time Analytics

Allows you to see real-time guest Wi-Fi analytics.

 How many guests are connected now?

 What are their names, emails and age?

What is the busiest time of day?
 How many people walk by and don’t connect?
 When is the time to run promotions?

Integrations? Yes 😀

Connect your guest data with 1,000+ 3rd party platforms.

 Social Apps


 Email Services

 CRM Systems

 SMS/Text Services

 Payment Gateways

 Loyalty Platforms

 Zapier Integration

 Facebook™️ Pixel

 Facebook™️ Messenger Bots

 TripAdvisor™️ Review Express



Engage Your Guests

The ultimate set-and-forget marketing automation system.

 Connect (login)

 Disconnect (logout)

 Inactive (X days since visit)

 Birthday Alerts 

 Rule-Based Time Delays 

 Send via Email, SMS or 3rd Party CRM


No Experience Needed

Customize everything in the  WYSIWYG editor.

 Branding: Logo, background and colors

 Login: Social media, email, SMS and more

 Thank You: Custom content and widgets

 Redirect: Send to a smart URL or app

 Ads: Display banners, videos and embeds

 Advanced: Facebook™ pixels and more!

 Update Everything From The Cloud!

Your Own WiFi Marketing Platform

  • Dashboard and Portals
  • Campaign builder, device manager, real-time analytics
  • Use your own domains with SSL
  • Free Router Available

Own Your Network
Manage all guest interactions with your own brand, logo and domains.

Wi-Fi Never Looked This Good

  • Custom logo, brand, domain, apps
  • Post-login engagement modules
  • Deep link URL and App redirects
  • Trip Advisor and Yelp integration
  • Automate email and SMS alerts

Measurable Results

Create your Wi-Fi experience with our drag-and-drop WYSIWYG splash page designer.


Monetize Wi-Fi With Advertising

  • Integrated zone-based ad server
  • Support for all IAB Ad Units
  • Custom code and retargeting pixels
  • Banner, video and interstitials
  • Complete analytics and reporting

Your Own Ad Server

Automatically send user and demographic data instantly into your marketing database.


Provide a Great Customer Experience

Show a Beautifully branded sign-in page when guests access your Free WiFi Network.



Some More Features...

Custom Social Apps

Create custom branded social apps to be used for each login method.

Auto Tweet

Allow customers to share a predefined "Tweet".

Limit Session Time

Set a maximum time limit for connected Wi-Fi users.

Device Management

Add and manage Social Powered Hotspots from the cloud in real-time.

More Social Likes

Get more Facebook "Likes" to your pages by offering Free Wi-Fi.

Thank You Page

Create a custom "Thank You" page that users are redirected to.

Successful Redirect

Redirect connected users to a URL of your choice after users connect.

Campaign Builder

Create custom branded Wi-Fi login experiences for customers.

Social Check-In

Guests automatically "Check-In" on Facebook when connected.

Custom Network

Create a custom SSID name for your Social Wi-Fi and change in real-time.


Embed retargeting scripts on your splash pages for smarter marketing.

Sub-User Access

Create sub user accounts with different permission levels.

Social Sharing

Customers can share pre-defined messages on Facebook.

Bandwidth Control

Limit bandwidth for connected users with just a few clicks.

Data Export

Export your connected user data and metrics for further analysis.

Join The Social WiFi Revolution!

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